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Coming events they say cast their shadows. In stark reality to this proverbial saying, it is gradually becoming apparent by the day that rumors making rounds that some top brass of the ruling National Democratic Congress are grouping to jettison the likely second bid of President John Mahama come 2016 are after all not just mere anecdotes brewed in a dilapidated kitchen of propaganda.

With glaring signs of titanic scenes permeating all the various spheres of the ruling party; seemingly in a fulfillment of a well elaborate plan by some leading members of the party to dislodge the President come 2016, an elder of the of the umbrella party, utterly worried with the current developments in the NDC but who wants to remain annonymous, sent a correspondent to The Al-Hajj to express his misgivings about how the President has been left at the center of the political public square to his faith to be bastardized by his opponents without anybody owning up to his defense.

In downright disgust and pregnant with venom with the on-goings in the ruling party, the NDC top gun, whose grassroots prowess cum financial mettle in the umbrella fraternity is not in doubt; in a telephone conversation with this reporter bellowed ?I don?t want to believe that what you guys published some time back about how some leading members in the party are working behind the scenes to replace John Mahama is what is currently manifesting.?

According to him, he is worried because unlike the reign of the late President John Atta Mills where every Tom, Dick and Harry at the various spheres of the party stand akimbo to defend him to the hilt to the extent that some hardline defenders of Mills were nicknamed ?babies with sharp teeth,? President John Mahama has been denied of such steady political armor by his own party folks.

Not even a suggestion from this reporter that President Mahama?s warning to his party communicators to be circumspect could have been the possible cause of the desertion could let the NDC guru have a change of mind, insisting ?how many times didn?t we hear late President Mills warn NDC communicators to desist from the use of foul language, did that stopped them from defending him forcefully??

?Even after his death; dare pass a disparaging remark about him, and in a second, you will see the number of NDC folks who would pounce on you? can we say same about John Mahama? Forget the President?s warnings, the matter go beyond that,? he bellowed.

President John Mahama ahead of the 2012 election warned all communicators of the NDC to emulate his candor by not using unprintable words on their political opponents.

Nonetheless, the NDC guru blamed the lack of interest to defend the President in the midst of outright insults and veiled accusations being leveled against the President by the New Patriotic Party on what he described as ?despicable parochial ambitions of some leading members of the party who wants to ditch John Mahama at all cost.?

Short of mentioning names, the NDC ?honcho? opined that the services of party communicators who were used as accessories and soldering compasses to take on anybody who dare make misguided statements about late President Mills have suddenly been withdrawn thereby allowing for more mud to be thrown at President Mahama to paint him black ahead of the party?s primaries.

?My brother, have you noticed that even on television and radio programs where you have NDC communicators, and even the appointees of the President sitting in the studios, members of the opposition, particularly NPP members insult John Mahama and accusing him of unfounded crimes left, right and center without the NDC representatives vigorously jumping to the defense of the President like they did to late Mills?? the source quizzed.

?Most of these guys are controlled by those who are clandestinely working to put forward their preferred candidate to challenge the President ahead of the next election? I don?t have a problem with anybody or group of persons wanting to challenge John Mahama, but my worry is that they should wait until we get there then they can do whatever they want. The fierce defense that was put up anytime the late president was vilified has abruptly been ebbing away? you ask yourself, what has changed?? the source added.

But a senior member of the NDC?s communication who does not want to be named refuted the assertions, explaining that President Mahama has himself to blame, adding that ?unlike late President Mills who involved all those who matter in the NDC in the daily running of his government, President Mahama has arrogated to himself all the duties in the party and government; even that of we the communicators.

However, the once vibrant ?warlord? of the ruling party, who is also a staunch member of the elders of the party who believe in President Mahama said it serves nobody?s interest for leading members of the party to instruct their ?political sons and daughters to withhold their loyalty to President Mahama in solidarity to their godfathers? parochial interest.

A development the virulent apostle of the virtues of the NDC noted, smacks an act of betrayal and an affront to the spirit of comradeship that forms the central pivot around which the internal democracy of the party revolves.

?When the late President was alive, everybody in the party at their free will was ready to take on anybody who dare spew out insults on him, even including the party founder and his wife, but as for John Mahama, his opponents enjoy a jolly ride by insulting him without anybody; not even his appointees coming to his defense,? the source stated.

It would be recalled that, The? Al-Hajjon its front page story on Thursday, May 9, 2013 headlined ?Agenda 2016 hits NPP, NDC; Alan, JM face stiff challenge? brought to the notice of readers how some leading members of the NDC are re-grouping into blocs to prematurely cripple the likely second bid of President John Mahama.

The publication read in parts; ?whereas the NPP is in court challenging the legitimacy of the President Mahama, some leading members of both leading parties are rather busy, but furtively working out theories and strategies that will aid them to lay their grips on the leadership slot of their parties in preparation towards the 2016 general elections.

In the ruling party our publication revealed; ?Interestingly, President John Mahama, who enjoyed a relative unanimous support from the rank and file of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) after the sudden demise of his former boss, the late President Atta Mills, may now face a stiff challenge at the party?s next congress to elect flag bearer for the 2016 elections?

?Information gathered by The Al-Hajj has it that, unlike the 2012 flag bearer-ship contest in the ruling party where the ?fight? was a two horse race between Nana Konadu Agyemang-Rawlings, the wife of the founder of the NDC and the late President, Prof Mills, who had an overwhelming support from the party, the next flag bearer-ship race of the ruling party may see the incumbent President facing it off with his entire party?.

Consequently, the senior member of the party who did not mince words noted ?I can now confirm that your publication was credible and paints the exact picture of the current happenings in the party.?

?All indications in the party clearly shows that people have a diabolic agenda to ditch John Mahama? if anybody attack you on your earlier publication that person must be ignorant of the current happenings in the party? John Mahama, as the case stands now have nobody to defend him, even his own appointees in solidarity of their godfathers are looking on whiles he is being lambasted everyday by the NPP.?

The lackluster attitude being exhibited by leading figures of the party, according to the NDC guru is all geared towards making President Mahama unpopular in the eyes of party supporters.

Source: The Al Hajj


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