Sunyani, April 30, GNA – The National Commission on Civic Education (NCCE) in the Brong-Ahafo Region is to mark “Citizenship Day” on the May 4.
The NCCE said it wanted people to be public–spirited and cited, for instance, that during the last Basic Education Certificate Examination the Brong – Ahafo Region scored less than 30 per cent, which should be a cause for concern for all.

It said much attention was being given to football these days at the expense of education and that people preferred to talk and watch a match between Chelsea and Manchester United to talking about the falling standards of education.
Mr. Issah Abdullahi Nasagri, Brong-Ahafo Regional Director of NCCE, told the GNA in an interview on the Day that there were many critical issues which needed to be addressed but were left unattended to.
He blamed the media for setting the wrong agenda against major developmental issues of the day, while other minor and unimportant subjects gained prominence in the media.
Mr Nasagri said the Day would be celebrated to particularly sensitize students and pupils to know how to be good citizens.
“The youth are going to be future leaders of the country; it is very important they know the laws of this country and also learn how to participate effectively in our democratic process”, he added.
Mr. Nasagri, said some of the topics to be discussed during the Day’s celebration include obeying laws, respect for authority, contribute to society and the community, love for country, respect for all ethnic groups, belief in doing what is right, standing up for the rights of others and  trying to serve others before oneself.


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