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Citizens have been called to act swiftly by demanding greater transparency and accountability from duty-bearers as part of the effort to promote economic development.

“By demanding transparency and accountability from leaders, taxes paid to government would be utilized for the benefit of all citizens,” Mr John Yebile, National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE) for Sissala East Municipality, said.

He was speaking during a social audit engagement at Kassana where citizens were called to act against corruption.

The forum was held under the theme: “Citizens for transparency and accountability”.

“Action against corruption must begin right from home where some cultures nurture corruption which extends to governance,” he said.

Mr Yebile urged citizens to vote for leaders committed to addressing their social and economic needs or challenges.

He said the demand for accountability and transparency should not be left in the hands of nongovernmental organisations, adding “citizens must as well participate and not be spectators”.

Mr Salifu Wahab, the Municipal Director of Environmental Protection Agency, said: “It is critical for members of communities to follow development activities to monitor the sustainable use of resources and also get their leaders to deliver the expected services”.



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