The National Communications Authority (NCA) has debunked allegations that a new technology it intends to deploy is meant to take over services provided by telecommunication companies (telcos) in the country.

The NCA has said it will take advantage of television channels that are not in use following the introduction of the white screen spectrum to improve data transmission across the country.


Some critics believe the move can get telcos out of business but the Director of Engineering at the NCA, Henry Karnor, told Class News on Tuesday August 16 that the authority is only implementing the infrastructure which can be used by any telco, but the NCA is not providing any services provided by telcos.

“It will not pose any danger; we are not introducing a service mobile operator. We are introducing a technology. They (telcos) can also use the technology, the technology will complement their efforts so the technology is not into competition with what they are doing,” he emphasised.

The programme, which is currently being piloted in some tertiary institutions, has been hailed by stakeholders in the telecoms industry as a system that will improve internet and other data transmission services.

“We will use the spectrum used by the TV transmitters to deploy data, which means we will have more internet technology in Ghana,” he added.

Mr Karnor further explained that the initiative would inure to the benefit of those in the hinterlands. He said it could be easily deployed in rural areas to improve internet access there.

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