Broadcasting stations in the country are to switch from analogue to digital broadcastArticle  By Eki Toju

Failure by some terrestrial stations to fully digitise their operations might lead to the extension of the June 17 deadline for all broadcasting stations in Nigeria to switch from analogue to digital broadcast.

Maimuna Jimada, acting Head of Public Affairs in the National Broadcasting Commission (NBC), in Abuja on Friday, said that government might be forced to extend the deadline by “a yet-to-be-determined period”, following the inability of terrestrial stations to fully digitise their operations.

Jimada said that the process would not be affected by a possible extension since the deadline set by the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) is 2015.

Nigeria is still on course with the digitisation programme and we, at the Nigerian Broadcasting Commission, are working closely with the stations,” she said.

“I want to state here that meeting the deadline we have set for ourselves is going to be difficult because of the conditions for acquiring digital technology in broadcasting. We would get there, but not within the time we have set for our stations and I want to make it clear that it will not affect the operations of the stations because the ITU deadline is a couple of years ahead, so we have time.”

She said that the digitisation programme required the contribution of all stakeholders, for Nigeria to successfully transit from analogue broadcasting.

Jimada added that at the moment, only stations on Direct-To-Home platforms have fully switched to digital broadcasting.

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