Accra, April 19, GNA – The National House of Chiefs (NHC) on Thursday appealed to Ghanaians, irrespective of their political interest, religious or ethnic differences to endeavour to desist from negative tendencies, especially as the country progress towards Election 2012.

In a statement signed by Wulugu Naba Pugansoa Naa Professor John S. Nabila, President of NHC, it said “Ghanaians have been noted worldwide for their hospitality, peaceful behaviour, courtesy and diplomacy in the wake of threatening moments. Much is expected of us as Ghanaians and we should control our temper in the face of any provocations so as to remain steadfast in the national interest”.

“The use of indecent or intemperate language among the populace in both print and electronic media has unfortunately become the order of the day.  It is very appalling to listen to certain provocative statements which are made on the airwaves which can cause panic and create a great deal of concern to many peace loving Ghanaians.  The unfortunate events of 1994 in Rwanda should serve as a lesson to us.

“The NHC therefore, condemns in no uncertain terms all the unfortunate statements made by, and activities committed by, some members of political parties in recent times.  For instance, the attacks on personalities and the incitement of clashes by some people which have of late characterised the biometric registration exercise should be condemned by all Ghanaians.”

The statement said these unfortunate incidents do not augur well for the country especially when much attention is focussed on Ghana by the outside world as being the gateway for democratic dispensation in Sub-Saharan Africa.

“We (NTC)…pray and hope that the security agencies will do their work without fear or favour and always remain neutral as required by the laws of the nation.

“We must bear in mind that we are all Ghanaians living in Ghana.  There is no other Ghana anywhere.  Let us all therefore live in peace and unity with a common destiny without any threat to the existence of any group or groups of people.

“We therefore, appeal to the media houses to be wary and circumspect in their reportage.  Objectivity, circumspection, careful choice of words, tact and diplomacy should be the hallmark of our media houses. Let us pray to the Almighty God or Allah to grant us peace in the forthcoming elections,” the statement added.


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