2014 National Action?Plan (NAP) against trafficking, exploitation and?child labour (Plan d?Action National 2012-2014?
contre la traite, l?exploitation et le travail des?enfants) has been adopted in March 2012 and?is now publically vailable. ICI welcomes this?adoption, and has contributed technical advice?and resources to the government?s rafting and?elaboration of the Plan.
This Plan results from a multi-sectoral collaboration between public institutions, international?and Non-Governmental Organizations, and represents a clear sign of the commitment of the Ivorian Government to fight vigorously against intolerable violations of child rights in agriculture, trade,?domestic work as well as other sectors.
On Saturday, April 28, 2012 at the Office of the?First Lady Dominique Ouattara, an official ceremony was organised to present the NAP to U.S.?Senator Tom Harkin. Euphrasie Aka, ICI National?Programme Coordinator for C?te d?Ivoire, attended the ceremony, together with members of the?Oversight Committee (Comit? National de Surveillance), in which ICI is represented and which is led
by the First Lady, by staff of the U.S. Embassy, as?well as representatives of the Government and?members the Inter-ministerial Committee for?the Fight against Trafficking and Exploitation (Comit? Interminist?riel de Lutte contre la Traite et?l?Exploitation).
At that occasion, Mrs. Ouattara said that out of?the 14 billion FCFA (USD 26.5 million) budgeted?to implement the National Action Plan; the Ivorian Government will contribute 3 billion (USD 5.7?million) to the Oversight Committee. Additional?funding is to be sought from private partners and?other donors. U.S. Senator Tom Harkin reiterated?his commitment to in the fight against the worst?forms of child labour. Senator Harkin has been a?strong supporter of ICI since its beginning, and?has visited ICI programmes both in C?te d?Ivoire?and Ghana over the past years.



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