The? independent? parliamentary? aspiring candidate for? Madina Constituency? Ms? Nasiba? Taahiru ? Swallah? has? gradually? started? making?? her? grounds? ahead? of the? December? election? with? serious? house to house? campaign.

Speaking? to SPYGHANA Ms? Nasiba? revealed? that she? decided? to? embark? on the? house? to house? campaign? to create? awareness?? and?? also acquaint?? herself? with? the problems? facing? people in the constituency.

According? to her? the? general? impression? she got? during? the? campain? pointed? to? the? fact? that? the people? of Madina? constituency? are more? than? willing? to vote for? her? massively? for her? to become? MP? for the constituency.

She? noted? that? Madina? cannot? continue? to wallow? in abject? poverty? for another?? years? under this? poor leadership? adding? that? there is? the need for a change.

Ms Nasiba? revealed? that? the people? have? accepted? her? and? that? she? has? won? the? hearts? of many? within? the? constituency.

She? also hinted that? she visited? some selected? schools? to welcome them back to school to encourage the? students? to learn? very? hard? adding? that she? also donated? educational? materials? to? the? schools? to supports? them? in their learning.

She? said? education? is? the? key? in life so she will? do everything possible to? support? students in her constituency? to have? good? future.

She appealed to the constituents to vote for her as their Member of Parliament in the coming elections.


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