Dr Ave Kludze Jr, a celebrated Ghanaian engineer, working for the United States’ National Aeronautical and Space Administration (NASA), as a Scientific Strategist, has been made development chief of Gbi-Kpeme, a suburb of Hohoe.
His stool name is Togbe Nunya I.

I pledge to be at your beck-and-call anytime needed, whether rain or sun, he swore in Ewe, his native language.
Leading to the installation were abridged processes of confinement and counseling at his family-home where he grew up.

Charts with some natives indicated that Togbe Nunya was coming as chief into a setting of general slide in educational performance and weakening family life in the area.

The new chief said as first sign of his preparedness to raise the development profile of the suburb and the entire Gbi Traditional Area; he will provide equipment worth US$10,000 for a science, technology and engineering centre for the area.

Togbe Nunya said he will add cash to his late father, Professor Kodzo Packu Kludje’s, Endowment Fund, to make the proposed scholarship scheme more sustainable.

Professor Kludze was a retired Ghanaian Supreme Court Judge.

Togbe Nunya’s scientific exploits stated by a brief, made available to the GNA by the kingmakers; include commanding and controlling a spacecraft in orbit.

He was also said to have designed the “Human Locator System, “HuLos,” which is intended to locate human beings anywhere on the planet using satellite communication, GPS and other technologies”.

“The device is to be implanted under the human skull, skin, bone or teeth and activated when required.
“The system as envisioned could be used in locating missing children, the elderly, stolen cars and hardened criminals,” the brief stated.

It said Togbe Nunya who had been profiled “world-wide respected international media outlets, including the CNN,” as an astute inventor, “also led the NASA, Hypersonic Study, aimed at facilitating the understanding and development of hypersonic vehicles that could eventually transport passengers from Accra, Ghana to New York, for instance in an hour and half (90 minutes); and Accra to Tamale in less than two (2) minutes”.

Togbe Nunya is also doing the dainty inventions, “currently working privately on a device…… known as the ‘Love Buster’.

“This device would help humans determine whether one’s so called lovers or loved ones really love them,” the brief claimed.



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