Just when you thought Frank Ocean was going the right way in his career, he does this. You may remember Nas had proclaimed that the young singer was on his upcoming album, Life Is Good, but that song will never be heard. But, the fact is?this is a fail of epic proportions. They did do the song and it was ?lost? due to a ?technological mishap.? Talk about LOST is right. Anyway, I don?t think that a Frank Ocean collaboration is right for Nas?s new album, because most of the songs I?ve heard have a 90?s feel to it, straight spitting. But, some of the lyrics were revealed in a recent profile on Frankie. The name of the song was ?No Such Thing As White Jesus,? which actually has me very curious.


Whatever you do, young king, don?t wind up dead

Young queen, cross your legs,

Put a crown on your head and remove the chains

?Cause even diamond chains are for slaves,Don?t set foot in no penitentiary

And don?t taste the poison

Both Nas and Frankie are coming out on July 17. No pun intended tho. Cop Life Is Good and Channel Orange!

Source : AllHipHop


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