Lagosians call on the state government to curb the excesses of the drivers

Tragedy almost occurred on Friday, when two LAGBUSes collided at Alagomeji bus-stop, Yaba, Lagos, during the early morning rush.

Eyewitnesses said that both drivers were speeding and neither slowed down for the other as they attempted to drive into the lane reserved for them.

The two vehicles were badly damaged, while the drivers and some passengers were said to have sustained minor bruises. However, no life was lost in the accident.

The accident drew condemnation from passengers, who alighted from the buses and rained a torrent of insults on the drivers for reckless driving.

The passengers also called on the state government to check the excesses of the drivers.

The accident came barely a week after a BRT bus ran over a street sweeper and passers-by.

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