I wish to introduce my write-up by a prelude that defines Social criticism. “The term social criticism locates the reasons for malicious conditions of the society in flawed social structures. People adhering to a social critics aim at practical solutions by specific measures, often consensual reform? but sometimes also by powerful revolution”



My readers, the citizens of Kumawuman and the traditional rulers in Ghana, especially those in Ashanti Region, will recall that the paramount chief of Kumawu traditional area, Barima Asumadu Sakyi II, passed over five years ago. Never in the history of Kumawuman has the paramount throne been left unoccupied for months let alone years, after the demise of?its occupant. The traditional leaders install a new successor paramount chief always within forty days of the death of the paramount chief.



Asantehene Otumfuo Osei Tutu II, advised the elders of Kumawuman to co-operate with Kumawuhemaa to install a new paramount chief within forty days of the expiry of Barima Asumadu Sakyi II. Little did he know that his girlfriend, an insolent corruptible entity, would have to contend with a looming tsunami? The challenge to?her legitimacy as a true paramount royal of Kumawuman has sent shock waves through Asanteman Council and cold chill down the spine of the occupant of the Golden Stool, Otumfuo Osei Tutu II.



I seem to be deviating from the topic so I had better get back on track else, my readers will mark me down. Nananom Agogohene and Kwamanghene, vassals?of Kumawuhene, are acting irresponsibly,?appropriating to themselves undue influence following from the death of Kumawuhene, Barima Asumadu Sakyi II.



Agogohene has sold thousands of acreages belonging to Kumawuman in the Afram Plains to a foreign company.?Would he also be shocked to learn from John Fosu, the defender of the poor and the cause of Kumawuman, the vessel of God and probably, a?self-styled investigative journalist (not of the standard of Anas Amereyaw anyway), about his second most?condemnable crime committed against Kumawuman? He has secretly?demarcated a large portion of Kumawu Stool land, got some people, organisations and a court to certify it as belonging to Agogo State. I should think?this Octogenarian paramount chief is probably suffering from some sort of delusions or?hallucinations else, he would not commit this gross criminal act. Little does he know that Kumawu has legal documents dating several decades back?covering and specifying?the allodial ownership of the land??The falsified documents he has prepared to cover the land will soon be flying in his face.



Why is Nana Agogohene, an old man nearing his life expectancy causing such grieves for himself, the people of Agogo and the citizens of Kumawuman? He has dubiously engaged in acts that do not augur well in the interest of many a citizen of Agogo or Kumawuman. I will hold him responsible for his ill-conceived actions at the right time. This is just the tip of the iceberg. As we hold the bull by the horn, so will Kumawuman do to him at the appropriate time.



What about the personality called Nana Kwamanghene with his actions? Rawlings may call him a “greedy bastard” I hope, Rawlings will not hesitate a second to add him to the alleged greedy bastards within the NDC when, given the platform to express his views about him? Kwamanghene as foxy as?he is, and has always been,?has been availing himself of?the open opportunities presented by the death of Nana Asumadu Sakyi II. He has not only been lumbering on Kumawuman Stool lands but also, selling large portions of the land as if the lands belong to him. Why is he being that greedy knowing very well that he will sooner be obliged to answer for his misdeeds?



John Fosu informs Nana Kwamanghene that he (John Fosu) has credible information and documents on the Kumawuman Stool lands, Kumawu chieftaincy affairs, and on his deplorable exploitative actions in committal. Why is he irresponsibly indulged in such an unprecedented voracious activities directed at impoverishing Kumawuman?



I do not blame anyone for the ongoing disgusting actions by these two mentioned paramount chiefs but Kumawuhemaa, Kumawu krontihene and Asantehene. I wonder if Asantehene is not solidly behind, goading these two eyesore chiefs to do what they are doing. Why is Asantehene dragging his feet on resolving the Kumawu chieftaincy affairs? I know Kumawu history inside out. I can furnish him with facts?and?narrations leading to proving the illegitimacy of Kumawuhemaa with her Ankaase family as a paramount royal of Kumawuman.



I will in due course answer Kumawumahemaa, that wicked “something” disturbing the peace of Kumawuman. I will soon question Kumawu Krontihene, that “thing” with an oblong?head?like a deaf person choking on mashed plantain/cocoyam (“eto”), in a write-up I will pen for publishing.


My writings are revealing and informative.?They are?educating the citizens of Kumawuman who have little or no knowledge?of Kumawu history. They will only serve a useful purpose if the readers will imbibe the contents, act on them and use them to insulate Kumawuman against external greedy invaders like Agogohene and Kwamanghene.



John Fosu


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