nana quame

Yesterday was 12 years since news broke out that,Nana Quame, Ghanaian hip-life artist of ‘Atea adonko fame’ was reportedly blacklisted from entering Europe, at least to any of the Schengen countries after Dutch authorities discovered he was involved in a visa scandal.

Born Henry De-Mensah, Nana Quame has 6 Albums to his credit and it is rumoured his traditional Afro band, which plays along side him wherever he goes was used in the visa fraud. According to sources, he has not been able to go to any European country since then. His style of music has the fusion of Ghanaian highlife and R & B; he also sings traditional Yaaponsa music, which is the original Ghanaian music.

Nana Quame has been heavily affected by that scandal and only started his comeback last year. He recently got the opportunity to play the Back In Day Concert at the AICC, where he failed to live up to expectations.

We believe his kind of music, Highlife is needed in the industry and as such, we wish him well.



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