Nana Perbi

Budding and talented gospel musician Nana Nkosana Perbi is gradually making waves with his single and latest praise song titled ?Hosanna.? Released a couple of weeks ago, the single is a complete departure from the usual ?sorrowful moods to delightful endings? gospel style.

Since its release, the single has received massive airplay on both radio and television, making it an instant hit. Not only was it a hit on radio, but also a hit in many churches across the country, with almost every church choir singing it.

The song has also become the preferred gospel song with which many morning show hosts started their shows.

Unlike many other gospel songs which took listeners through a series of events, from trials and tribulations to success stories, ?Hosanna? was a praise and worship song that gave praise to the Lord for things done and things undone.

According to Perbi, ?Hosanna? was to let people know the need to thank God for his greatness, adding that though there were kings, the greatest of them all was God.

?We should know that the King is coming and it is therefore, time to talk about His coming for people to know where they stand when He comes, because it?s important to be in His presence and be prepared for His coming,? he said.

The track featured Cece Twum, the Shepherds, as well as some top stars from South Africa, including Avis and Adlovu and the Soweto mass choir. ?Hosanna? was surely tipped to stay on top of the gospel music charts for a long time.

Perbi is the praise and worship leader and associate music director at the Zoe Temple branch of Dr. Mensah Otabil?s International Central Gospel Church (ICGC) in Tema, Ghana and Church of Pentecost in Johannesburg, South Africa.

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