The concerned youth of Essikado Traditional Area said they have read the speech in which the Omanhene of Essikado Nana Nketsia has referred to politicians as vampires, claiming that ever since he became Omanhene he has hob-nobbed?with President Kufuor and all the bigwigs in the NPP.

Nana Nketsiah“He has hob-nobbed with Kwesi Ndoum?and lately he openly boast of his close friendship with the current Vice President Hon. Amissah Arthur and other leading NDC politicians including Mr. Goosie Tandoh and Addo-Ashong with whom he has recently acquired an oil block. Yes folks, Nana owns an oil block through these same politicians whom he now calls “vampires”.

The group in a statement indicated that Nana Kobina Nketsia IV does made a point to invite as many bigwigs from NPP as possible not?forgetting the Vice President and other big shots who attended the funeral of his Uncle.

“They made huge donations which he gladly accepted and profusely thanked them openly. At the time he was accepting those gifts did he not know that they were vampires??His speech was?to suggest that he is Mr Clean and holier than thou. This is the hypocrite who has fed fat on his political contacts over many years, and has now turned round to refer to them as vampires. But should anyone be surprised? This is typical of Nana Kobina Nketsia the 5th.”

roup said, “The gHe is a dangerous opportunist who speaks from both sides of his mouth when it suits him and will use any means necessary to enrich himself. He doesn’t care whose toes he steps on as long as it will get him to his own selfish goals. ?Anyway, the purpose of this reply is not to discuss in detail how he has used and abused his political contacts.”

The concerned youth of Essikado Traditional Area ?claimed that?Nana Kobina Nketsia?connived his way to the chieftaincy in Essikado in collaboration with his aunt, Through insults?and utter disrespect for their dearly departed elders?and harassment of our previous queen mother.

“(May her gentle soul rest in perfect peace) managed through bribery to ascend to the throne. Since he became chief of Essikado our beloved town has consistently been deteriorating. The town is filthy; there is garbage and open sewers everywhere. Malaria and communicable diseases have become the norm. The only one public toilet in town is congested, deteriorating and stinks. By the way, this public toilet is located across the street from the main hospital, making the road going to the hospital impassable and unhygienic. The flies and stench emanating from the toilet is nauseating leading to worsening diseases for our vulnerable population mainly children and the elderly.”

“This has created great public health and sanitary implications to our people especially the sick ones in the hospital. The previously beautiful tree-lined street leading into Essikado (British-Sekondi) is now littered with badly constructed ugly wooden kiosks because the Omanhene generates part of his personal income from monies from these vendors so he has turned a blind eye to the problem and has allowed them to destroy the esthetics of the main road. This main road is more congested and dangerous because?it has also become a taxi park when previously we had a separate taxi park. ”

“The Essikado market the only market in town has been closed down and our people have to walk miles to Sekondi market?in the scorching heat to buy food. The roundabout which previously used to be the pride and joy of the town when our ancestors were alive had deteriorated badly to the extent that you can no longer go around it (it has ceased to be a roundabout),: the group stated.

It also hinted that “the first time this fraudulent chief did when he was installed was to acquire part of the primary school’s public park to build a mansion instead of using the space to build a?proper playground for the children. As at today, there is no children playground in all of Essikado. The only new building in all of Essikado since he became chief is his new mansion.”

“We should find out from the Omanhene why a certain lady from San Francisco has stopped communicating with him and stopped coming to Ghana. She donated books and furniture for the poor people of Essikado and came to Ghana only to find the furniture and books displayed?in Nana’s house.

The new library would not have existed if we had left it to him. He spent almost all the allocated money to build his own house and the donor company which was helping out refused to work with him. Eventually, we had to intervene to help complete the building. Currently, there is an empty donated building next to the hospital that was supposed to be our new maternity ward donated by Tullow Oil Company.”

The group also alleged that the Omanhene embezzled the donated money and to make matters worse, he hired a shoddy contractor who built an unsafe building and after completion and full retro fitting of the building, “this beautiful structure costing millions of cedis has been deemed unsafe and is now scheduled to be demolished. He earns his income by receiving bribes from people who visit him and has turned the chieftaincy into a money making machine. Perhaps people like him cannot succeed in life without chieftaincy.”

“Nana Nketsia has a checked past and continues to have a checked life (from his days of substance abuse and walking on the streets of London in Harry Krishna clothes to now). As to why he’s still unmarried is another chapter and expose to be discussed later. ?Folks, be circumspect and don’t believe the hype. This guy is as fraud (Azaaa). He hides behind his bogus education (only God know where he obtained his so called PhD) and talks a lot of nonsense. He has used this so called higher education to brow beat the other equally important Omanhenes in the Western Region and treats them as if they were of a lower class and subservient to him. That is the same attitude to which he treats his own subjects. Since he became chief about 10 years? ago, he has not called one town hall meeting to even assess the needs of his own people and does not even frequent the Ahenfie showing a total lack of respect for his own elders.”The Omanhene really doesn’t care about his people and has completely neglected them.? He is a selfish attention seeker who does not care whom he uses to achieve his selfish goals.”

They also averred that since he became chief he has enriched himself on the public dole and not one of his subjects have benefited. “He is self-absorbed and the combination of his current substance addiction has made him delusional. He is extremely selfish and is determined to enrich himself from the new oil find in Western Region by any means necessary. ”

“Ask him what his best friend Joe Ghartey,?who has been the Member of Parliament for 10years done for his Constituency? Why did he not complain? Or is he blind to NPP inaction? Is he also a vampire? Nana thinks Essikado is?his personal property,?which he can use to enrich himself as opposed to him being a custodian of sacred ancestral lands from centuries of hardworking ancestors. (They must be turning in their graves with disappointment).

We will like to know in what capacity is the Omanhene a partner and owner of an oil block and how much of that deal goes to the people of Essikado? May we know how much of that deal has he disclosed to the Essikado people and also how much of the proceeds will go towards the education of the children of Essikado? How much of that money will help improve the lot of his people? How many potential investors has he?defrauded?”

“You Nana calling politicians corrupt is laughable.?We the people of Essikado are tired of his hypocrisy, dishonesty and his 419 dealings and we would like to see him destooled.”




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