Nana Means King
Nana Means King

Griot Pictures intends to reestablish Ghana as a major motion picture hub so you can bet on this piece.

Nana Means King
Nana Means King

Nana Means King is set to convey high impact social message and world class visual entertainment for worldwide audience spectacularly. 14th November, 2015 is the premiering date and you might just want to make it on your calendar like many already have.

Shot in London, ?Nana Means King? tells a challenging story of a young Ghanaian who lost everything ? even hope in UK. Would Kwame, who has lost it all, have the will to escape the past? How will you react if you lose everything to betrayal? It?s a whole new level when you have Price David Osei starring in here.

It?s not only about survival. Emotions, mental prisons, hope in a concrete wasteland, all mixed to prove whether indeed NANA MEANS KING!

In making this compelling film for Ghanaian and international audience, Griot Pictures painstakingly chose a demographic group that serves a strong nonexclusive ethnic heritage across the globe.

Be the first to see this movie. NANA MEANS KING! 14th November!

Source : Griot Pictures


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