By Nana Kow Blankson

Nana Konadu Agyeman Rawlings is a very determined and furtive woman, therefore, anybody who underestimates her may smile at the wrong side of his/her mouth. If this woman can teach her own blood sister Nana Yaa Agyeman a terrible lesson by ordering her dismissal from GBC and again from CP Construction Pioneers, then anybody who stands her way without any strategic positioning may be burnt in the long run.

Nana Konadu, who doubles as the former First Lady and Life President of the 31st December Women’s Movement, has never hidden her secret agenda of being the flagbearer of the NDC party at a point in time or at best calling the shots through the “behind the scenes approach.” That is why she cannot take it that in spite of the fact that her husband is the founder of NDC she cannot do as she pleases. It is in view of this that, Nana Konadu, the most pushy woman money can buy, has decided to run down the NDC party.

Ever since the NDC came back to power in 2009, Nana Konadu and Rawlings have been on the neck of President Mills, insulting him and demeaning his presidency, and at times even saying his government is full of corrupt officials, forgetting that when they were in power nobody called the shots for them. Who born you to go suggest something to Rawlings let alone dictate to him.

It is even on record that some wives of some ministers in Rawlings’ government who were far beautiful and use to dress better than Nana Konadu incurred her displeasure leading to the dismissal of those ministers. This is not a story I am making up. It is nothing but the truth, but in spite of all these, the NDC family continued to pledge their loyalty to the Rawlingses. Therefore, does one good turn not deserve another? Why is Nana Konadu doing everything within her means by using her husband to tear the NDC down?

As I write this article I do not know if the NDC leadership has met over the NDC logo issue. This logo issue which has taken every NDC member by surprise should not be taken lightly since Nana Konadu is hell bent on tearing the NDC apart and eventually sending it into opposition to teach President Mills and some party faithful a bitter lesson for rejecting her candidacy of being the party’s flagbearer in the December 7, 2012 elections.

Today, if there is anybody in the NDC family who is the biggest problem, it is Nana Konadu Agyeman Rawlings who wrongly believes the NDC party belongs to her and her family, and therefore, she should be allowed to do whatever she wants with the party. Gone were the days when Nana Konadu by a phone call to Rawlings got some ministers fired when most of them were even on official assignments. That attitude of Nana Konadu which she is unable to exhibit now that President Mills is in the helm of affairs of the country, is what is causing her to run down the NDC party.

It is very heart-warming to know that the NDC foot-soldiers whose plight Rawlings has been using to lambast President Mills are reading through the lines to see the evil intensions of Nana Konadu. Many are seeking answers as to why Nana Konadu and Rawlings do not want President Mills to be his own man and rule the country since at the end of the day it is Mills who would be judged for his actions and not Rawlings?

The NDC family should find a way of countering Nana Konadu. Enough is enough. Nobody can continue to take her nonsense again. Nana Konadu does not owe Ghana. In fact she does not owe the NDC, neither does she owe President Mills. Therefore, she can go to hell and leave the NDC alone. Nana Konadu has the erroneous impression that if she does not join the NDC campaign with his husband, Rawlings, the NDC would lose the elections. That is why she wants to hold the party to ransom.

It is high time the NDC family puts its feet on the ground and muster the courage to call off Nana Konadu’s bluff. The NDC can survive without Nana Konadu and Rawlings. The NDC will live on and the NDC can win the up-coming elections without Nana Konadu. In fact, Nana Konadu has now become too toxic even to campaign for the NDC. When Nana Konadu forced Rawlings to call on the NDC not to use his name to advertize during the party’s first major political campaign in Mantse Agbona, thinking that the rally was going to be a flop if they do not attend, what did we see? We were all living witnesses to the massive crowd that turned out at the rally even when everything during the day pointed to a pending heavy downpour.

Having tasted power for so long, Nana Konadu is having serious problems with the withdrawal syndrome, which is why she cannot allow President Mills his turn to rule the country. Probably, she believes that having tasted power with the husband, Rawlings, for almost two decades she is the source of all knowledge and wisdom. But Nana Konadu may have forgotten that in this world, one person does not have it all nor can one person be in the limelight forever. There is time for everything, so Nana Konadu should know that her time is past.

By the way when will the 31st December Women’s Movement ever hold elections to elect new leaders since Nana Konadu has held the position of life president for 30 years? Is that organization democratic or not? You be the judge.

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