wpid-NPP20Demo2.jpgIt was widely reported especially on the online news portal how a member of the OPPOSITION (caps mine) New Patriotic Party [Nana Fredua Ofori Atta] and I guess it adds to the political humor so badly needed as we forge ahead in this democratic dispensation.

I find it interesting especially as a result of his fine and artistic blend of a local dialect plus elements of democracy et al, trying to push home a simple point of ‘rot and corruption’ under the guise of appointments as made by the President.

The definition Nana Fredua gave was: “National Democratization of Chobo.” Chobo here being used loosely as?siphoning of public funds, into private accounts or pockets or better still the receipt of kickbacks.

Suffice it to say that his definition is one that much better that earlier and gorier definitions of the respective parties, during which time I have heard the NDC being referred to as ‘National Demons Congress,’ at other times with Devils replacing Demons.

On the flip side meanwhile, the opposition was also being ridiculed in the times of the infamous MV Benjamin case as being: “Narcotic People’s Party” amongst other unpalatable.

In the case of the NDC being put out as a “National Democratization of Chobo” entity, Nana Fredua invariably took as reference point issues relating to the appointments especially so to do with the Ministers of State at the Presidency. Very well and good.

So delving onto the same basis of nomenclature relative to a current occurrence and its bearing on the renaming concept, i wish here to ATTEMPT to rename the NPP with its current partial parliamentary boycott position.

Here we are, with a party with representation in Parliament refusing to participate in certain aspects of their legislative functions, in the long run their actions as succinctly put forth by pro NPP group Alliance for Accountable Governance (AFAG) would leave Ghana the worse for it in all aspects.

So how for instance do I channel any grievances that I may have about a ministerial nominee when my Member of Parliament has refused to sit on a panel that gives us the rare opportunity to query public officers as high as ministers of state? Sad indeed!

The very fallacious and childish argument of boycotts being part of parliamentary processes is all but a nauseating commentary. Never have ruling and opposition parties supported boycotts at one time. Or have they ever?

So just because it has happened before is justification that it should happen today is that it?

So at least a wider section of the populace (Civil Society groups like the Ghana Bar Association, Ghana Journalists Association and political commentators) have asked that the minority backs down on their stands but so far to no avail.

Against this back drop do I also pronounce on the NPP a ‘reconstituted’ nomenclature: “Naked Patapaa Party”

Nakedness here is premised on sheer obstinacy on the part of party and parliamentary leadership as for the ‘patapaa’ I beg to say I picked it as a synonym from a certain Charlie Brobbs (Victor Owusu’s niece) who in his treatise to the party’s Buem and Akatsi poll boycott used the term “yente gyae” as in we are stubborn.

Nana Fredua outdoored the new NDC name I gather on Adom Fm’s Dwaso Nsem, I am readying to do mine at the premises of the “Supreme Court” ~ biometric verification needed to enter the hall, special guest of honor Justice A and Kwadwo A.G.

All are cordially invited. Let’s make it a point to respect each other for afterall, we can’t do without each other. May Allah bless our homeland Ghana.

Source: Abu Musah Kwankwaso


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