You may call it all the unpleasant names and ridicule it with the most comical words in the world, but the fact still remains that some decisions are politically reasonable than what the realist thinks.


Any right thinking person in the opposition National Democratic Congress must be extremely worried about President Akufo Addo’s creation of the Ministry of Inner City and Zongo Development. The NDC should not only be scratching their heads and gritting their teeth because this ministry will burden the tax payer with excess expenses, members of the party must also be worried about the political effect of that ministry.

President Akufo Addo and his team of advisors created this Ministry for a political purpose. It is one of the ways the president wants to wash off the Akan tag on his party, NPP. Over the years, the NPP, rightly so, has been tagged as an Akan party.

Conducts and utterances of leading members of the party, including President Akufo Addo himself, have confirmed this Akanization of the NPP. The NPP has paid political price for this tag and from all indications the party has now located its lost bearing to erase the Akan tag.

Many have argued that the Akanization of the NPP is a perception forced on the party by NDC propagandists. This assertion is not entirely correct. If for nothing at all, Nii Ayikoi Otoo, former Attorney General and NPP kingpin, a Ga, has confirmed that non-Akans feel like outcast in NPP.

That was the sordid state of the NPP so far as representations of minority tribes are concerned. But this thing, I dare say, may not be said of the NPP again if their strategy to de-Akanize the party works to perception under President Akufo Addo.
Regardless of how the late Alhaji Aliu Mahama was treated, the NPP has produced two Muslims vice president. The NDC is yet to produce one. But without a Muslim vice president, the NDC prides itself as the party to have given Muslims two holidays, well-structured hajj organization, adequate representations both in government and party leadership positions and so on.

The NDC has always used these gains to woo those living in the Zongos to their side. The NDC is quick to point to the Aliens Compliance Order by Dr Busia, and how Muslims were humiliated because of that order. President Akufo Addo, in particular, has suffered because of the behavior of NPP forebears and his own sometimes reckless pronouncements.

With the creation of the Inner City and Zongo Development Ministry, the NPP is aiming at one thing- to consolidate it gains in the Zongos and densely populated areas. These are the areas that have voter for the NDC en bloc. If they succeed in this pursuit, then the NDC will be doomed forever.

Results from the last election indicate that the NDC is gradually loosing grip on the zongos and densely populated areas. Results from Ayawaso North, East, Central, Ablekuma Central, Asawase and others are enough pointers to back this unscientific theory. Many people in these constituencies either refused to vote or voted for the NPP because their principal need; employment was not met under the NDC government.

The Inner City and Zongo Development Ministry is not novel. There was something like that under the Mahama government but fashioned in a different form. There was a Presidential staffer under Mahama who was in charge of the welfare of Muslims. Whatever that position was used to achieve is something the NDC must deal with.

Going forward, anytime the NDC touts its achievement in the Zongos, the NPP will point to the “Zongo Ministry” as a way of recognizing Muslims. And if the sector minister, Ahaji Boniface Abubakar Saddiq, is able to implement the Zongo Development Fund and other Zongo related promises, the NDC will be in trouble.

Those living in the Zongos are enthused about the creation of this Ministry. Attempts to ridicule it will create disaffection for the NDC amongst those living in the Zongos. What the party needs to do is to find ways to renew its marriage with its base.

Hoping for President Akufo-Addo to fail in order to take advantage to recapture power may not work. Even if President Akufo-Addo does not redeem some of his Zongo-related promises, the creation of this ministry alone sits well with most “Zonglians”. As the case stands now, the NDC, in the words of Kofi Wayo, is living in a “hopeless hope”. But it shall be well.

By: Amos Blessing Amorse Asabaham-Accra
([email protected])

Applaud Akufo Addo For Naming His Ministers In Less than One-Week
Beyond the criticisms that President Akufo Addo has created several needless ministries, he needs to be applauded for assembling his team with speed. I stand to be corrected, but I think he is the first President under the Fourth Republic to have named his substantive Ministers in less than a week in office.
That alone tells us that he means business. I mean real business! It cannot be gainsaid that President Akufo Addo has been angling for this privileged position for several years. He has demonstrated that the several years he spent wandering in the political wilderness was to prepare him for the job.
Some may argue that he has hurriedly put together his team in order to attack sonorous applauds from supposed neutral governance experts. Whatever that was meant for, the President has done one of the difficult jobs in governance that many in his shoes would have taken months or years to do and he needs to be commended.
It is not easy identifying talents let alone assigning them specific tasks with timelines. In the case of President Akufo Addo, most of his nominees are people he has either closely worked with or known for several years. He knows their capabilities and where he thinks they can best be placed to help prosecute his agenda.
There is a price he will pay for what he has done. If these nominees are able to execute the President’s mandate as he promised, the political dividend will put him ahead in the next presidential contest. However, if the opposite is recorded, then the President and his party must brace themselves for brimstone.
As Ghanaians, we must support the President and his team to deliver on his mandate. Let’s play our role as “citizens not spectators”. The little you can do, be it constructive criticism or what, do it dispassionately to help in nation building. Of course, the President and his henchmen then in opposition never had this spirit of patriotism to help the NDC develop Ghana.
All they wished for was the NDC government to fail so they could take over. But as a nation, we cannot continue journeying on this vicious trajectory. Governance is not only about ” my party must be in power at all cost” and when “my party is not in power then I have to frustrate the government of the day”.
We have practiced this kind of doomsday politics for 60 years and it has yielded no meaningful development. Opposition is not always about criticisms. Sometimes we must be honest with ourselves and give thumb up when it is due. That alone tells how honest a virulent critic is.
As for the number of ministers, nobody can convince me that we need it to develop. We don’t need that number of ministers to develop. I foresee power play and struggle over supremacy in terms of some of the ministries with conflicting roles.
President Akufo Addo’s men and women are not saints. They will definitely pinch each other. There are some few uncouth ones in there and they will cause the trouble. In a matter of time, these nominees when approved will start plotting the downfall of each other by leaking documents of shady deals to the media and the Civil Society groups.
That will mark the beginning of the downfall of President Akufo Addo’s government. We elected him to deliver so if some of his own men will share with us some dirty deals in government, we will hail that person. As for the infighting, it will surely come.
Amos Blessing Amorse
[email protected]


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