There was a display of rich Ghanaian culture, nationalism and patriotism at the investiture of the 5th President of the 4th republic Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo on Saturday January 7, 2017.


The independence square was lit with national colours interlaced with rich display of cultural dance by various dance groups across the country to entertain guests who traveled far and near for the historic event.

Kente and Smocks were worn at their best with different styles and designs in the national colours.

Invited guests were each given a flag of the country reigniting the true meaning of the national colours which was commended by the visitors and a large section of the diplomatic corps.

Little was seen of the western dressing giving credence to the fact that Ghanaians are gradually beginning to appreciate and accept their own.

It is believed that the patronage of the local form of dressing helps to improve the local industry and will not put those in that sector out of business.

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