Nana Addo, NPP Flag bearer
Nana Addo, NPP Flag bearer

A youth activist of the governing National Democratic Congress, Solomon Mawufeme Potakey, has blamed Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo?s battered public image on political hirelings claiming to love him than any other member of the New Patriotic Party.
wpid-Nana-Addo-Dankwa-Akufo-Addo1.jpgAccording to Mr. Mawufeme Potakey, although the coterie of political hangers-on surrounding the NPP 2016 standard bearer are ?quick to accuse others in the party of not wanting Nana to become president, they are rather the real nemeses of the twice defeated presidential candidate?s presidential dream.
The NDC youth activist could not fathom why Nana Akufo-Addo?s ?so-called close confidants?, despite their proximity to him at all material times cannot prod him anytime he doze off at public functions, instead, pictures of his same are circulated in the media.
Responding to a photograph presently circulating in the media of Nana Akufo-Addo drowsing in church in UK, Mr Potakey, in a crisp article on his facebbok wall, stated ?What does it take all these people to tap Nana Addo by his shoulder so he wakes up from his sleep? These days it is common to see pictures of Nana Addo sleeping at various functions littered all over social media.
And what is worrying is that one can see clearly from these photographs that so-called close confidants of Nana Addo stay close to him. Its either they careless about the man they pretend to love more than all others or they are scared of waking him up.?
Giving the fact that members of the NPP have persistently tout their 2016 flag bearer an affable person, Mr Potakey noted that ?I am hesitant in believing that they are scared of waking up Nana Addo whenever he sleeps.?
?I don’t think Nana will be angry if he is tapped gently at the shoulder and told “President-in waiting, please wake up”. I imagine Nana Addo waking up with a loud laugh and in his nice baritone-foreign acquired accent saying “Thank you, ministers in-waiting”. He would never be angry if you save him the embarrassing pictures we see around.?
He said these pictures only go a long way to feed into the assertion that Nana Akufo-Addo is not strong enough to go the whole hog of electioneering campaign, admonishing that ?we expect these guys who surround Nana Addo to be up and doing in covering the man instead of them busily looking out for who in the party is an Afoko supporter so they can “finish”.?
?It is time we cover our leader’s shame. They are ordained to be our leaders. Their shame is our shame. It is not an issue if I go to a function and sleep but it’s an issue if a “President in-waiting” sleeps at every important function. But knowing very well that sleeps comes when it has to come, then the managers of our leaders must be on the look-out for when that sleep will visit their big men,? he added.


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