Namibia Broadcasting Corporation
Namibia Broadcasting Corporation

Namibia’s national broadcaster said it could cut its payroll from the current 569 down to 413, or 27 percent, due to financial problems.

Namibia Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) Chief Human Resources Officer Vezenga Kauraisa confirmed on Tuesday that engagement process has started with Namibia Public Workers Union and the Office of the Labor Commissioner.


Sven Thieme, chairperson of the NBC Board of Directors, said on Monday that if the government, as the main shareholder, does not provide more funding, it would be wise to consider the liquidation of the state-owned enterprise.

It has reached a critical stage where liabilities continuously rise and efforts to contain them are not sustainable, he said.

“This makes it difficult for NBC to honor most of its commitments to creditors and carry out its mandate as per its founding Act,” Thieme said.

Other proposed measures to cut spending include shortening the broadcast times of some programs, stopping the production of some programs, and ending live broadcast of parliamentary proceedings. Enditem


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