Namibia’s power utility NamPower has appealed to its customers to continue implementing electricity saving measures as the power supply situation in the country remains severely strained. Power
The southern African country has been facing the possibility of its first ever load shedding since last Thursday after a technical fault on one of the SADC region’s transmission lines impacted on the 80MW power supply that NamPower receives from the Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority (ZESA).
A net importer of electricity, NamPower said Tuesday that power supply to Namibia remains limited as the systems of regional suppliers and transmission partners are under strain.
“The situation has resulted in power supply deficits mainly during evening peak hours,” the company announced in a statement to the media.
The power utility said it is working on fast tracking various short-term critical supply initiatives to supplement local generation capacity
“While we continue to work on these initiatives to ensure security of supply, we appeal to all our customers and the nation to continue implementing electricity saving measures such as switching off air-conditioners, geysers and swimming pool pumps and all other non-essential appliances during peak times ? which is six to nine in the morning and six to nine in the evening – to reduce the demand.”
Namibia’s peak demand currently stands at 530MW against a peak supply of 285MW from local generating sources.
It was not immediately clear when the transmission line, which serves four regional utilities, would be back on stream. Enditem



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