Ya Ndakolo told a joint Angola-Namibia commission on defense and security meeting held at the coastal town of Swakopmund Thursday that crimes such as illegal migration, human trafficking, stock theft, poaching and drug trafficking were rampant.

The four-day joint commission analyzed strategies to enhance security between the two countries.
It was also attended by Angolan national defense minister Jo?o Manuel Gon?alves Louren?o and several high-ranking members of the two countries’ defense forces.

Ya Ndakolo however said generally the situation along the two countries’ borders was peaceful and stable.
“This is possible because of the vigilance and effectiveness of the defense and security agencies of Namibia and Angola,” he said.

Major General Louren?o said cases of firearms smuggling have decreased as compared to 2013 when the two countries met to review the security situation.

He said Angola was restructuring its armed forces to suit its defense strategies as well as increase and enhance capacity.

The Angolan defense force has 87, 000 members while Namibia has 8, 000 and 500-member strong navy. Enditem

Source: Xinhua


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