Namibia’s defense minister Penda Ya Ndakolo said Monday that the changing military and political environment in the world requires the country to move ahead of these developments.

Addressing his staff in Windhoek, Ya Ndakolo said there are likely to be new formations and realignments in the next five to 10 years and this will make it difficult for countries to predict military events with precision.

“This means that we, as the Ministry of Defense and the Namibian Defense Force must be ahead of our time and moving with times. Otherwise we will find ourselves lagging behind and losing ability to defend our country and its people,” he said.

Namibia has a 9,500-strong army; 500 navy officers and 6,000 members of the paramilitary.

He also said the world is becoming more polarized, with nations tending to protect their own backyards and interest as opposed to the promotion of the common good of all nations including international peace and security.

Global Firepower that provides analytical display of data concerning modern military powers ranked Namibia number 124 out of 126 countries in 2016.

The ranking is based largely on each nation’s potential conventional war-making capability across land, sea and air. Enditem

Source: Xinhua/


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