Portable drinking water

In a statement Thursday, the city banned the watering of lawns, flowers and vegetables every day except every second week.

Portable drinking water

It also banned washing cars at home except at certified car washes; and that there should not be any watering of public parks and sports fields unless if it is done through an approved semi-purified irrigation water connection.

Residents who have pools at their homes should cover them forthwith since there should not any further filling up. The other measure is a ban on water features, fountains and ponds.

The statement said the City of Windhoek hereby announces that the persistent drought has left the little choice but to announce a water crisis scenario in the capital in relation to the drought management plan.

Already, the City of Windhoek has adjusted upward water tariffs in a bid to encourage the residents to help save the water.

Namibia is experiencing a second drought in three years. Enditem.

Source: Xinhua


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