Four businesses of Namibian ruling party SWAPO on Monday handed over dividends of 8 million Namibian dollars (615,000 U.S. dollars) to the party.

The SWAPO Party Secretary for economic affairs Alpheus Naruseb said that this comes after the ruling party’s business and their subsidiaries operating in the media, transport, construction and hospitality sectors ploughed back into the party.

“With this handover of dividends, it is evident that the SWAPO party companies are contributing to the economic reconstruction of our country through job creation and gainful employment of the youth,” said Naruseb.

According to Naruseb, the companies are further playing a significant role and contributing to the national blue print Harambee Prosperity Plan and also working towards the industrialization of the country.

“All these will improve the living standards of our people,” he added.

The funds will be channeled towards the party’s operations in efforts to assist the party to pursue its strategic governance framework. Enditem

Source: Xinhua/