Plastic Bags
Don't let the pretty colors fool you. Plastic bags are a scourge. DepositPhotos

One of Namibia’s largest retail chain store, Pick n Pay (PnP), said Wednesday it will start charging 50 Namibia cents (3 U.S. cents) per grocery plastic bag at all its stores across the country as of June 1, in a move to encourage responsible use of plastic.

The retailer is currently running its ‘Plastic or Planet’ campaign, which provides tips on how to effectively and productively use plastic bags instead of throwing them away.


PnP Namibia Marketing Manager Victoria Moller said charging for plastic carrier bags has been proven to increase awareness among users as well as raise awareness in sustaining the environment.

Moller said a portion of the 50 cents paid for the plastic bag by customers will be donated to the Recycle Namibia Forum in support of its educational awareness campaigns to promote the reducing, reusing and recycling programs and activities.

The Namibian government in November last year announced the ban of plastic bags in protected areas and those who contravene the ban are liable to a fine not exceeding 34 U.S. dollars (500 Namibia dollars) or to imprisonment not exceeding 6 months or to both such a fine and such imprisonment. Enditem


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