Namibia’s Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Forestry said Thursday it had not received application from any company for exporting donkey meat.

The comments by Johannes Shoopala, deputy director of the ministry, came in the wake of some media reports about plans by two Chinese companies to build donkeys abattoirs in Okahandja and Outjo towns.

“If the market is China, for now, Namibia does not have a formal agreement in trade for donkey meat. The only agreement currently in place is that of trading beef,” said Shoopala.

According to Shoopala, upon receipt of the application, the ministry will approve agreements of trade based on health assessments and post inspection in the respective town or place.

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That said, no application for a licence to export donkey meat has been submitted yet, the official stressed.

Donkey meat is made into dishes in some Asian countries including China, where donkey skin, rich in collagen, is also pursued for its medical effect.

Namibia has an estimated population of 170,000 donkeys. Enditem

Source: Xinhua/