The Namibian government on Wednesday opened up to the public to submit written submissions on their expectations on how to deal with the issue of reclaiming ancestral land annexed during the colonial era.

The government through a set Commission of Enquiry said they will also be holding public hearings country wide to have all Namibians say their views on how best to deal with the redistribution of ancestral land issues.


“We are going to allow members of the public to air their views on the issue of the ancestral land issue from May 28 to June 28,” said chairperson of the Commission of Enquiry of Ancestral Land Rights in Namibia Judge Shafima Uitele.

“We will also be going countrywide to engage through public hearing. We shall be listening to every Namibian to make their submissions and protect their rights,” said the chairperson.

The commission has been tasked by President Hage Geingob to find ways of dealing with the issue of native Namibians who want their land back that was taken from them by the German colonizers during the country’s colonization period.

The land issue has become a hotly contested issue with natives wanting government to resettle them on their lost ancestral land on one hand while the white farmers in control of the land want to be compensated for the land.

According to Uitele, the commision of inquiry will resume their public hearing countrywide from June 17 to July 19. Enditem


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