The largest producer of solar sea salt in sub-Saharan Africa based in Namibia will send its first load of salt to the United States this week, the company that manufactures salt said Monday.

The Walvis Bay Salt Refiners (WBSR), a subsidiary of the Walvis Bay Salt Holdings, is based at the port town of Walvis Bay about 400 kilometers from Windhoek.

In a statement, Gregory Swartz, the company’s business development director, said the first load of 50,000 tons would be exported to the East Coast of the United States of America.

Swartz also said they spent years marketing their salt in North and South America.

“After several visits, we are proud to announce that the first shipment of about 50,000 tons is currently being loaded and earmarked for the U.S. East Coast,” Swartz said.

Swartz also said the exports to the United States came after intense analysis of the international salt market and production expansion.

“The salt field expansion program in 2016 increased annual production from 700,000 tons to about 1000,000 tons,” Swartz further said.

Walvis Bay Salt Holdings (Pty) Ltd, through its various subsidiaries, is the largest producer of solar sea salt in sub-Saharan Africa. Enditem



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