Agriculture acting permanent secretary Abraham Nehemia said Wednesday that the Animal Health Act of 2011 makes it mandatory for farmers to have their animals vaccinated.

The Law Court
The Law Court

Namibia is in the process of vaccinating heifers aged between six and 12 months against anthrax, while those in the foot and mouth disease prone areas are required to vaccinate their animals three or two times a year. For lung diseases, farmers should vaccinate their animals once a year. Vaccinations are free.

“The farmer has an important role in ensuring that this status is maintained and this press release is a reminder to all Namibian livestock keepers about the compulsory vaccines that have to be administered to their cattle annually in terms of the Animal Health Act (Act 1 of 2011),” Nehemia said.

Nehemia said farmers should keep receipts or empty vaccines containers as proof to be shown to animal health technicians when they happen to visit their farms.

He further said only healthy and fully vaccinated animals will be allowed to move to markets or abattoirs.
“It is important for livestock keepers to present all their cattle at the specified times and venues to ensure high vaccine coverage and prevent lapses in immunity and potential outbreaks of these devastating diseases in the country,” he cautioned. Enditem

Source: Xinhua


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