Telescopio de Rayos Gamma HESS
Telescopio de Rayos Gamma HESS

Namibia will host a scientific event themed ‘Building the Namibian Africa Millimeter Telescope: seeing the unseen’, to enlighten and educate people on a ground-breaking Africa Millimeter Telescope (AMT) project.

The research-based event will take place on March 27 in the capital city Windhoek and will be hosted by Namibia’s Bank Windhoek in conjunction with the University of Namibia (UNAM) and Netherland’s Radboud University (RU) Nijmegen.

Bank Windhoek’s Marketing and Corporate Communication Services officer, Andre le Roux, Monday said currently in its preliminary design phase, the project seeks to build a 15-meter-high single-dish radio telescope at the summit of the Gamsberg mountain, located in central Namibia.

The AMT, a collaborative project between UNAM’s Department of Physics and the RU Nijmegen’s Department of Astrophysics, aims to provide the essential missing link to the network of telescopes around the globe known as the Event Horizon Telescope which aims to obtain the first picture of a black hole.

“This will provide us with first-time direct evidence of the existence of black holes and deliver solid proof of predictions of the theory of relativity, a major scientific breakthrough,” said AMT’s Project Director, MarcKlein Wolt, who is expected to introduce the project during the event.

UNAM’s Vice Chancellor, Kenneth Matengu will expand on the importance of the AMT project to Namibia, while AMT’s Lead Professor, Heino Falcke is expected to deliberate on black hole science as a subject matter.

The AMT will be the only radio telescope in the millimeter-wavelength regime in Africa. It is also envisioned as a highly visible and unique enabler of science, education and outreach, capacity enriching, sustainable energy and social-economic development in Namibia. Enditem



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