The decision to appoint water marshals, according to a statement issued Tuesday by the acting agriculture permanent secretary Sophia Kasheeta, is meant to curb wastage in the face of the devastating drought gripping the country for three years.

Figures released by NamWater recently show that dam levels across the country are either dry or way below the average level.


Kasheeta said the water marshals, who will be selected from members of staff, are tasked with detecting leaking pipes and fixing them.

According to Kasheeta, the water marshals will be deployed at hospitals, schools and other government offices, and prisons until Sept. 2018.

“The ministry, together with its partners, have joined forces and will embark on a national water saving campaign targeting public institutions such as government offices, schools, hospitals and correctional service centers starting in Windhoek, and later on for the campaign to be rolled out to the whole country,” Kasheeta said. Enditem

Source: Xinhua/


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