The Support in Namibia of Albinism Sufferers Requiring Assistance (SINASRA) in efforts to raise awareness and understanding of Albinism sufferers in the country, recently recorded the Song of Hope which is helping raise awareness.

At a lunch event on in Windhoek, on Sunday, the non-profit organization, SINASRA, said the new song and accompanied by a video will be released very soon, spreading the song and message of hope to all corners of the country.


According to SINASRA, the children of the Michelle McLean Primary School choir recorded the song together with renowned African artist Dolar Yves.

“Nationwide awareness about the situation of persons with albinism will be created through the collaboration of many individuals working together with a children’s choir to create the song and video,” they added.

Meanwhile SINASRA’s acting Chairperson Peter Stoermer told Xinhua that Albinos are often marginalized and stigmatized because they are traditionally perceived as illiterate and cursed, depending on tribal cultural differences.

“We have other outreach activities such as Radio Programs that also assist with the awareness of Albinism sufferers in the country and of late the programs have resulted in an increased influx of albino children to schools all over the country,” he added.

SINASRA is a Namibian welfare organization, registered with the Ministry of Health and Social Services. It started as a Rotary project and has developed into an independent entity. Enditem

Source: Xinhua/