Africa’s Bright Economic Future Is Its Youth
Africa’s Bright Economic Future Is Its Youth

Namibia’s Vice President Nangolo Mbumba on Monday urged his country to work towards unleashing the innovative potential of the youth in order to harness the benefits of the 4th industrial revolution.

He was speaking at the official opening of the Information and Communication Technology Summit.


“The competitiveness of our nation will only be sustained if we actively harness the full potential of our youth. Our youth are the catalysts of our nation’s digital transformation efforts. Africa as well as other continents, continue to experience a bulging young population,” he said.

“I therefore implore all relevant institutions in the public and private sectors to act in unison and in so doing be the catalysts for innovations,” Mbumba said.

The ICT Summit should be seen as a platform for effective networking and also as a conduit to create effective synergies in the ICT sector, he said.

The summit will run until Wednesday under the theme Accelerating Digital Transformation. Enditem


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