A man carries a bunch of matooke from a lorry at Nakawa market. File Photo

The traders especially those dealing in perishables told KCCA officials that they find difficulty in selling their produce as they operate near open garbage dumping spaces.

“We find difficulty in operating our businesses especially during the rainy season. The water flows out of the garbage yet our traders sell their produce in an open space,” the chairman Nyanya zone Vincent Kavuma said.

“KCCA should always send us trucks to pick the garbage on time to avoid heaping around this place,” Ali Sharif a tomato trader said.

Traders who were participating in the Keep Kampala City Clean, City Yange , Bulungi Bwansi exercise on Saturday, told KCCA executive director Jennifer Musisi that they need to carry on their businesses under better working conditions.

Musisi warned traders not carry produce together with their leaves to the market as they increase the volume of garbage in the market.

“We are going to set up bylaws and ensure that all vehicles which come to the market with leaves will be forced to carry back their garbage,” she warned.

The City Yange campaign which was started in November last year is an awareness campaign that is run by KCCA in partnership with different companies to ensure that the city is cleaned every last Saturday of the month.

“We are encouraging our people not to clean only their working environment but they should also ensure that their homes, hospitals and schools are kept clean,” Musisi told traders, councilors and communities working in the market.

Police officers led the campaign in the market, while in other divisions, the respective mayors participated in the same exercise.

Nakawa mayor, Benjamin Kalumba said plans are under way to complete construction of stores in the market where vendors will keep their goods.

By JULIET WAISWA, The New Vision


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