stock market
stock market

Turnover at the Nairobi Securities Exchange (NSE) rose to 11 million U.S. dollars from 8.4 million dollars at the previous session, boosted by telecom and banking stocks.

However, stock prices seemed to have cooled off after a one-week rally as the benchmark 20 Share Index dropped for the first time in as many days.

The index closed the day at 4,069.34 after shedding 45 points, after having gained over 200 points during the period.

Safaricom, Kenya’s leading telecom was the top traded stock after moving 14.3 million shares at 0.24 U.S. dollars, a marginal decline of 2 percent.

The stock was followed by energy firm KenGen which moved 6.1 million shares that traded at 0.09 dollars, a decline of 6 percent. The rest of the shares that made it to the top five most traded stocks were from the banking sector. Enditem

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