wpid-tree-plant.jpgThe National Disaster? Management Organisation (NADMO) in the Eastern Region is preparing a massive tree planting exercise in flood prone areas to serve as wind breaks during the rainy season and around illegal mining sites to reduce disasters.

In that direction, NADMO has embarked on development of tree nurseries by all it?s district offices across the region to be replanted on demarcated sites to ensure a successful exercise to mitigate the effects of natural disasters that may occur during the season.

Mr Ransford Owusu-Boakye, the Regional Coordinator of NADMO, who disclosed this to GNA in an interview on Friday said, apart from the tree planting exercise, intensive education exercise to reduce domestic disasters such as fire outbreaks had also started in the region.

According to him, the NADMO was collaborating with all the municipal and district assemblies in the region to carry out these activities to reduce disasters which afflict the region during the raining season.

With regards to the illegal mining sites, he said in collaboration with the Regional Security Council and the task force on illegal mining , the reclamation of the land exercise would involve tree planting on and around the pits left uncovered to prevent humans from falling into them.

He noted that , the tree planting exercise on the reclaimed lands would be mainly at Kyebi and it?s environs where the illegal mining activities had caused huge devastation to the lands and water bodies and uncovered pits are threatening human lives.

Mr Owusu-Boakye noted that, most of the rainy season disasters that involved ripping off of roofing of buildings and flooding, resulting in destruction to properties and displacement of many people in the region were attributed to strong winds.

Again he indicated that some houses built on waterways that caused flooding during the rainy season had been identified in some parts of the region and the respective district assemblies had been notified since NADMO had no mandate to pull down such structures.

He said this year, his outfit would focus greater attention on disaster prevention other than management where ?we go and distribute relief items which are nowhere near the damage caused to lives and properties? and called for the support of the media and all other stakeholders to execute its planned agenda.

Already, the first disaster experienced by the region this year was a gas explosion that occurred at Kwahu Fodoa last week and claimed eight lives with destruction of many houses, plantations and livestock.

Source: GNA


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