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Hours after publishing on Adams Everstone, the man who says he is the first victim to Mona’s way of scam

Well, a lady just sent us this new message and according to her, she is the ex girlfriend of Adams.

The lady who goes by the name Naida Buzaid says she is a model who lives in Los Angeles, USA and claims she was dating Adams when Mona begun scamming him.

NB: These allegations between Mona and Amanda isnt something we at are interested in but reporting what the readers would be interested in.

Full text of Nadia Buzaid below..

I saw your post in regards to Everstone and Mona and I wanted to jump in to it not to defend Everstone but to state the fact as it is since I was also part of this issue from the beginning.

Mona is a very big criminal, a liar and someone who has no sympathy for people.
To start with, I am a french born Lebanese model and I met everstone sometime in 2009 when he visisted paris from New York. We dated for a while in Paris before I decided to joint him in New York City.

Then in the summer of 2010 I realize Everstone was sending a lot of money to Gh. Usually he doesn’t send more than a certain amount. I realized that his atitude towards our relationships changed and I was thinking that perhaps, he has a problem with his family. So one day I was chatting with his sister I think her name was Fairuza mahama and she told me about the girl Mona. After the chat with fairuza, I went through Everstone Facebook (I was having his facebook account) and it was there that I found out what was going on.

Everstone confirmed to me when I confronted him about Mona and from that day, Mona and I became sawn enemies. I have attached here, a screenshort of our fight on facebook as you can see from the chat screen dated on july 2011. This is to show that Everstone is not lying and besides, he is a very reputable executive who supervise more than 1500 people in a multibillion company. I have known him long before mona.

From the beginning, I knew this girl was a fraud who doesnt care about the feeling of another human being. what Everstone did for her within 6 months, I never had that. From what I later learnt, after they duped him from Chicago and they realize that he was getting wised up, then they started calling people to liar on him that he was an arm robber and that was the worst part of it all.

I am a witness to all this. There was a time when Everstone lives in Chicago and work in New York. Can you believe that? He wakes up early morning and catch a flight to New York and then had to fly back again to Chicago on the same day in order to be with this girl. No wonder she was insulting me from the beginning so that she could take him and scam him. Mona is a disgrace to womanhood…

people needs to know who sure is and they should look at our fight screenshots during those days and know that everything everstone said is true
everstone has a fake sister in Chicago and she was the worst. after the scammed him, they tried to frame him that he was a criminal and arm robber.
and they started calling people back in Ghana framing stories about him. Everstone sister called Fairuza would called and big telling me about all the shit that was going on. Its a shame because he told me he was only trying to help a poor girl.
Below are screenshots of her fight with Mona.
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