Nadia Buari And Halle Berry

Nadia Buari And Halle Berry

After GhanaCelebrities.Com’s publication on Nadia Buari and Halle Berry, a source from Nadia Buari’s camp contacted us stating how the Actress is somehow not happy with the story-calling her a fan of Halle Berry…

Preferably, the phrase ‘Halle Berry poses with her fan Nadia Buari could have been swapped for Nadia Buari meets her mentor’ the source advised.

According to a close source from the Actress’ camp, Nadia Buari is not only hanging around with top Hollywood stars; she has also purchased a house somewhere in Hollywood and will finally relocate out there fully.

And where did she buy the house, near the house of Lindsay Lohan?— I jokingly asked the source who laughed over my question.

If indeed Nadia Buari has made such a drastic career move, I guess with time, we will get the full scoop. All attempts to reach Nadia Buari to ascertain the truth in her relocation to Hollywood story have been unsuccessful.

For your info, we are heading straight to Hollywood either you like it or yes, in fact we are there now! :-)
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