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SUMMARY; It always baffles me why upon all the effort made my then kufour government still the N.P.P went to opposition

We Ghanaians are not fools as we know the good and bad things for our dear country Ghana.It is a country chosen by God and forever will God always appoint a humble,caring and an open minded man to lead Ghana as He did in appointing His Excellency John Evans Atta-Mills.

Little did i know that the N.P.P will have humbled to win the 2012 election,but with arrogant and a selfish leader as Nana Akuffo Addo it will really be a hard luck for the N.P.P to obtain power as the percentage will be of 60% for the N.D.C.“A man’s gift will bring him before Kings, but what will maintain him there is his character, so no matter how talented you are, if you lose character, you will lose it all,” Richard Quashigah stated.

Been humble does not only mean in your words but also in your actions as the N.P.P is again in their concert party rallies.And the using of abusive words,i know any form of violent action or intimidatory tactics by the NPP will be crushed in the coming election.

What a shameful art as the heckling of the President by the main opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP), when he was delivering the State of the Nation Address on the floor of Parliament last Thursday undermined the dignity and integrity of the country.

The President is the embodiment of the spirit and soul of Ghana hence the need for every Ghanaian no matter his or her status or political affiliation to accord him the highest respect, recognition and acknowledgment.“I describe Thursday February 16th 2012 as Ghana’s Day of Shame.“The shameful event of February 16th 2012 must never recur in the political history of this country,” Mr Akwetey stated.

I will always recommend the good works of the ruling N.D.C party and the Atta-Mills government.


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