This morning, Friday the 31st of July, MzVee took to Live FM for an interview with Jay Foley. The topic of discussion was mainly the singer?s lifestyle. On the show Jay Foley, host of the show called a tight buddy of MzVee, who revealed many things we didn?t know about the ?Bokor Bokor? hit maker.

Her close friend nicknamed Young T, promised to give Foley nothing but the truth.

On one of the most annoying things MzVee does when she?s out of the public eye, Young T revealed;

?Oh when she is at home and doesn?t have anywhere to go, she doesn?t wear any draws..?

MzVee couldn?t help herself but yell out ?herhhhh?, after her best friend?s statement.

She then reiterated, saying she doesn?t like to wear cloths.?She says she?s part of the no pants zone or something like that?.
On whether she has any particular clothing she wears at home, her friend revealed that on a good day, she wears only pyjamas.

On whether she?s bad at cooking, Young T said;

?Recently she has climbed out of that. She can cook. Before that it was jollof. Back then she had it wrong. She prepares it like light soup.?
?It looks like stew at some point, then she adds plenty water then it begins to look like soup. At some point the rice will find its way there, then it becomes like a party you don?t want to be part of.?

On MzVee?s school (Ghana Telecom University) life, her buddy also divulged that MzVee hears people who used to be her friends gossip about her a lot, then a bit of hating here and there.
Jay Foley then asked if Young T could reveal ?one gossip. A question MzVee herself wanted to answer, saying;

?I can help you with that. So sometime, i picked a taxi to school,..and i think i went to buy waakye or something. And then when i was sitting back in the taxi, someone behind was like, MzVee-MzVee ?wufa taxi?. You know how they behave so yeah,..but it doesn?t matter. I pick taxi regularly, and once in a while i seat in a nice car. You know all these rich people.?

MzVee recently released a new track titled ?ABOFRA, which she featured Efya on.



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