By: Nana Quasi Paapa Abakah

After months of legal battles, Nana Ekua Amoah known in showbiz as Mzbel was set free by the Accra Motor Court earlier on this week together with two others who were charged a total of GHc 1,600 after all pleading guilty to charges leveled against them.

The three were arrested in June 2011 and put before court for assaulting a police officer and obstructing a police officer from executing his duties. After the court had listened to submission from both parties, the court fined the convicts. They paid the imposed fine and walked off as free persons some few minutes after the court had imposed the fine.

In default, Mzbel together with the two accomplices will serve four months and nine months imprisonment respectively.

Days shortly after her fine and convict, the sexy diva released the officially video to her single ‘My Bonnet’ which depicts the story of the incidence with the police a year ago.The concept for the song and video depicts the exact incidence that led to their arrest and court conviction.

The music video which was directed by Steve Gyamfi from Real House Philms opens with Mzbel and her dancers doing the famous azonto dance. A Police Officer stops Mzbel’s car with two other guys, which includes the driver. The driver appears not to have any license when the Officer requested for one. Seeing the impending problem, he resulted in bribing him to cool off temper. Things didn’t go on well as the Officer had anticipated [or otherwise] but then Mzbel and his two ‘partners-in-crime’ didn’t budge as they made their way straight into the car to speed off.

In a protesting manner, the Officer jumped on the bonnet of the car and stuck on it as if his life depended on it. For what happened next, just watch the video below.

The scene where the money was offered to the Officer, many will argue as unfair and a complete mockery of the Ghana Police Service but then Ghanians must not close their eyes and think everything is alright. The government even frowns on such a practice which has corrupted most Officers.

Watch ‘My Bonnet’ video here and digest it personally;


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