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Kojo said, Mzbel should seek forgiveness for the comment, get a proper understanding of the Christian Bible and learn how to speak as a public figure.

After songstress Mzbel made her ?I don?t believe in Jesus Christ? statement, many people criticized and condemned her for it and now, UK-based Ghanaian gospel musician, Jojo De Mens has added his voice to it.

Commenting on the statement, Jojo told NEWS-ONE that Mzbel should seek forgiveness for the comment, get a proper understanding of the Christian Bible and learn how to speak as a public figure.

?I don?t know to what extent Mzbel?s research has gone but the only thing I will tell her is that the Bible says knowledge is a principal thing. Seek knowledge but in all the knowledge you [acquire], get understanding because if you don?t get understanding of the knowledge you have acquired, then the knowledge becomes nothing.

?Whatever research she did is limited. After she read whatever she had read, has she sought an understanding of it? Did you try to find another understanding to compare and contrast? If she claimed she used to be a Christian, I want to know how far she had gone in her Christianity. You see, going to stand out there and speaking and praying in tongues doesn?t immune you to what the devil can do to you?,  Jojo explained.

He continued: ?The problem I have with her is the way she put the whole thing across. What research did she do? What evidences have she got? I believe we have a strong clergy community in Ghana; you can go out there and seek knowledge. I will say knowledge is the principal thing but you need understanding.

She lacks understanding because when it comes to the Bible, it is not just picking things literally as it is said or spoken or it is written. Some of the things are spiritual. I mean, the Bible is a spiritual book; it is not a book that is read anyhow like the newspaper. Sometimes you need to seek knowledge from the high point of view and you go down on your knees to cry to the Father to give you a revelation to understand. Mzbel lacks understanding of the Bible. She needs to go out there to seek for forgiveness. ?

He also added saying; ?People who have attained some position in society need to be extremely careful what comes out of their mouth in public. I have a problem with people who speak just like that, because the Bible says life and death lie in the power of the tongue of a man and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof.?

Mzbel had stated publicly that she did not believe in the existence of Jesus Christ, originator of Christianity, and that she had discovered through research that the whole talk about the existence of Jesus Christ and his supernatural abilities were nothing but a myth.

The statement was deemed blasphemous to Christians and generated a huge public uproar.

Source: PulseGh


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