Self acclaimed Dancehall King in Ghana, Shatta Wale recently revealed on a post on his personal Facebook account that his parents thought he will be a lawyer. However he thought otherwise. “When I Was a Kid, My Parents always tells Me That I Would be a Lawyer when I grow up”, he said.

The” Dancehall King” went on to explain that per his dreams, he knew that what his parents were thinking about him was a fallacy. “But Whenever am Asleep, I Always See Myself In a Dream, Standing On a stage With microphone at My hand in front of a huge crowd”, he confessed.

Shatta Wale concluded by encouraging all his fans to brace themselves and stand up for their dreams. “I Grow up and so I BECOME.Ghetto Youth, go For What You DREAM OF but not what others choose for you”, he concluded.

This is how he wrote it all on his Facebook post. Take a look:



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