Top Yoruba actress and producer, Lizzy Anjorin, who is popular referred to as Kofo, has confessed that her lovely b?obs and lips are her greatest assets and the reason why some men can?t take their eyes off her. In a recent chat, the beautiful actress, who?s ready for true love, described her bo?bs and lips as gifts of nature and the weapons that might bring her dream man. See what she said about marriage and her kind of man below?.

?I can?t create a man, so I don?t see any reason why I should prefer a dark or fair guy, as long as he is good to me, he is also kind and he does not listen to hearsay.

?Most of the broken homes you hear about in the entertainment industry is based on hearsay because most of the guys who fall in love with actresses see them and admire them, but the moment they take them home, their parents start revolting that they want to get married to an actress.

?[Sometimes] the wife that has been kicked out some four years ago will now come back to claim that one actress wants to steal her husband. It is something that one needs to take a very careful look at.?


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