Kwadwo Nkansah Liwin has come out to apologise to his fans over an indecent act some producers have started making. The actor who just arrived from his Belgium trip disclosed that, some producers use him for their movie posters and covers to lure his fans to buy the movie. But realize him, (Liwin) don?t play any role in the movie but has just been used to advertise the movie for sales. He added that, producers in other to boost the sales of their movie do that but the blame is always directed to him. Lots of his fans have called him complaining of going to buy movies they see him on the posters and the movie covers but they don?t find him in the movie. ?I have always talked to producers to stop that but whenever I tell them they get angry and don?t listen? he added.

The Kumawood star who was not happy about the act talking to Dave Hammer on Hello FM last Saturday used the opportunity to apologise to his fans who have fallen prey to that act. He added that, it is negatively affecting his career because his fans will lose trust in him and also will not know the exact movie he acted in to buy.

He ended by pleading to his fans to always support him as they have been doing for he will try his best for that act to be stopped as soon as possible for he wants the best for his fans



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