In the new issue of Closer Weekly, Maureen McCormick exclusively reveals what she considers her greatest achievement: her 32-year marriage to actor Michael Cummings.

Maureen and Michael. (Photo Credit: Getty Images)
Maureen and Michael. (Photo Credit: Getty Images)
“Marriage is seriously the hardest thing you can ever do,” Maureen tells Closer.

“You just need to get through those times when they can make you so mad, or when you want to walk out that door but don’t. Today I trust that man with my life!”

“We have a beautiful daughter who has a heart of gold,” the Brady Bunch star tells Closer of her close-knit family. “And I think my husband and I have become better human beings by being together. I’m a really good judge of character, and when I met him, I could see into his soul and knew I could trust him.”

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“He’s never let me down — even though I’ve been so mad at him and we’ve disagreed about so many things, we’ve chosen to keep working at it. I don’t know if anyone else could have taken me!” she jokes. “Our love has really grown much deeper.”