On 18th October, 2011 BBC released disturbing report about several recorded ?deaths after the? HIV and Aids healing claims in various churches and disingenuously mentioned TB Joshua?s ministry as one of such ministries likely to encourage HIV and aids sufferers to drop their medication without proof, SKY news took on the challenge and sent undercover agents who had hidden cameras tucked in their jackets to SCOAN UK as AIDS sufferers, presumably because they felt the BBC report didn?t have a nice ring to it following their lack of real evidence to implicate SCOAN. Kind of like a competition between them on who would better cover the story. There was even section of the video where the news agents having recorded all they wanted to without being discovered confronted the church?s evangelists saying the message they were spreading was a dangerous one. And what message. The Message that ?Jesus can Heal HIV and Aids?.

A balanced view on this case wouldn?t take this issue to be a personal challenge against TB Joshua, although that?s just what it looks like on the outside, but the fact is that the bigger picture comes across as being not just about TB Joshua, but a clear attack on the Healing power of Jesus Christ. The voice over for the video is heard to have said:

?There is plenty of evidence that faith can help people deal with issues but here faith was being abused?

(Abuse here means actually believing and telling people that God can heal)

?What this reporter is suggesting here is that faith in Jesus helps us manage sickness, but does not effectually cure us of it. That?s the major problem with these reports; the reporters make it seem that God is incapable of healing a person with HIV, and worse still, are making it seem that the evangelical pastors are the ones performing the healings and not God, undermining the evangelists claim not to be the healer. Now we cannot begin to state just how dangerous this belief is to the Christian faith. Christ Did not die that some of our diseases might be healed, He died for our total and complete healing no matter the sickness or affliction, their report clearly places a limit to the healing power of Jesus and this is something Christians worldwide should stand against. The simple question here to any Bible believing Christian is this: DO YOU BELIVE JESUS CAN HEAL HIV???if your answer is a NO, then perhaps the sky news report is truth for you. But if you believe in Jesus Death for us on the Cross providing health to any sick flesh, then for you, the sky news report is evidently a far cry from the truth.

Theirs was clearly a disgusting spy attempt at SCOAN to get proof to implicate TB Joshua?s ministry. But they ultimately missed the end. It?s indeed really surprising that with all their acclaimed journalism skills, they assigned no responsibility to the people who walked away from the church accepting that they had been healed without verifying it by established and scientific methods. Apparently, only a fool will be told by a pastor, your illness is healed or cured and he or she goes away, without verification and stop taking their medication, If they are still sick and claiming they have been healed, who are they making a fool of but themselves? ?Criticizing TB Joshua or any other minister of God for proclaiming the healing power of God is absolutely pointless. We have seen countless testimonies of people healed by God of terminal diseases and have had no reason to doubt them because they?re always backed with certified medical confirmation.?For more videos of medically confirmed?healings?at SCOAN?visit their official website:?http://scoan.org/media/healing/

Their efforts to practically get real evidence that the SCOAN is one of such churches that encourages AIDS victims to drop their medication is at best in futility, for a ministry that sent a team of doctors and nurses to Haiti together with millions in worth of drug and medical supplies, they?re taking this issue a bit too far, frankly, it just?doesn?t?add up. It only makes it look as though they have an issue with SCOAN, or are probably being pulled with strings by higher forces from behind.

Must TB Joshua sue BBC and SKY for deformation?

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